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Suburban Noize Catalog
2014-06-24 Slaine The King of Everything Else CD
2014-02-04 Moonshine Bandits Calicountry CD
2013-12-17 Johnny Richter FreeKING Out EP
2013-10-01 (hed) p.e. The Best of (hed) Planet Earth CD
2013-08-06 Madchild Lawn Mower Man CD
2013-07-09 Big B Fool's Gold CD
2013-04-16 Slaine The Boston Project NZE689 CD
2013-03-19 Swollen Members Beautiful Death Machine CD
2012-12-04 Moonshine Bandits Whiskey and Women Deluxe Shiner Edition NZE685 CD/DVD
2012-11-06 Saigon The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread & Circuses NZE679 CD
2012-08-28 Madchild Dope Sick BAT305 CD
2012-08-14 Kottonmouth Kings Mile High NZE380 CD
2012-06-19 DJ Bobby B The Shakedown NZE391 Digital EP
2012-05-22 The Dirtball Desert Eagle NZE-388 Digital EP
2012-04-24 Mickey Avalon Loaded NZE359 CD
2012-04-20 Kottonmouth Kings Hold It In NZE382 Single
2012-04-03 Kottonmouth Kings Watch Out MP3
2012-03-27 Subnoize Souljaz Suburban Noize Records Underground History V.1 The Early Years NZE367 CD
2012-03-27 (hed) p.e. Unite NZE373 EP
2012-03-20 D-Loc Weedman NZE374 Digital EP
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