Long Live the Kings [Deluxe Edition] by Kottonmouth Kings
1. Long Live the Kings
2. Party Monster ft/ Tech N9ne
3. Rampage
4. Great When Youre High
5. Stomp
6. Lucky Day
7. At it Again
8. Make It Rain
9. Party Girls
10. Mushrooms
11. Black
12. Fuck the Police ft/ Insane Clown Posse
13. Reefer Madness
14. Checkmate
15. Kill the Pain
16. Mad Respect
17. Lets Do Drugs ft/ Big B
18. Let the Indo Blow
19. Take it to the Top
20. Simple and Free
21. High Times
22. All I Need ft/ Dogboy
23. Its a Lie
24. Takin' Shit on the Internet
25. Life is Beautiful
26. Smiling Faces
27. Enjoy the Ride (Sunrise Sessions)
28. Dead and Gone
29. Playa ft/ D-Loc and Saint Dog
30. P into Punk ft X-Pistols
31. Megablast ft/ DJ Bobby B
32. Free Soul
33. American Made
34. Last Joint
35. Mission Control
36. Top of the World
Catalog ID: NZE185
US Rel. Date: 04/20/2010
Formats: 2 CD
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Long Live the Kings [Deluxe Edition]

Includes the Full Length "Long Live the Kings" CD (20 Tracks) + a Super Bonus CD Containing All of the Bonus Tracks that You Would Get on Other Retailers Exclusives PLUS a Few More Tracks Only Available on SubnoizeStore.com