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As always Big B keeps things the only way he knows how; raw and honest.  His brand of outlaw hip-hop has made him a modern day rebel, ala Johnny Cash, utilizing beats and rhymes to buck trends and challenge listener’s expectations. His hybrid style mixes elements of acoustic, alt-rock and hip-hop that can appeal to fans of Everlast or the laid back grooves of Sublime.

In addition to his exploding music career, 2006 brought a whirlwind of media attention when Big B became one of the cast members of the A&E hit television series INKED. The show quickly become one of the hottest shows on television and one of A&E’s top three rated programs. The show focused on the Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company, where Big B works with freestyle motocross champ Carey Hart when he's not on the road with his music career.

While his television appearances have made him more recognizable, Big B’s music has taken the world of underground hip-hop by storm. His albums have quickly become some of the best selling releases on Suburban Noize Records, home of California’s Kottonmouth Kings and (hed)pe. Meanwhile Big B’s relentless touring schedule has saw him tour alongside Pepper, Pennywise, Unwritten Law, and Kottonmouth Kings. Whether he's confronting personal demons, touting his perseverance or taking it back to his days of street hustling, Big B has evolved musically from the 6"7 and 330 pound rhyme spitter to an eclectic artist willing to explore every facet of his creativity to get what he wants from it. Fans that are willing to take the journey with Big B will find themselves immersed songs that will stand the test of time.

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